Terms of Services

Teewant Store provides Guaranteed safe and secure payment checkout via Stripe Payment ( VISA | MASTERCARD | DISCOVER | AMEX | APPLE PAY).

Prices are quoted in US Dollars (USD), and you must pay in USD through Stripe Payment.

Teewant Store reserves the absolute right to change any product’s price without notice.
Teewant Store product’s price that is displayed throughout the store is genuine and will appear as so on checkout.
The shipping rate that is displayed on our shipping information site is genuine and will appear as so on checkout.

You will be charged the exact amount of money that is displayed in order on checkout.
You will not be charged for any sum that is outside of the order.
You will not be charged for any orders that cannot be fulfilled and where appropriate Teewant Store will refund to your account any sum deducted by Teewant Store.

Payment is due from the moment the order is accepted. After you have submitted your order, Teewant Store may take and shall be entitled to receive such payment as is due in respect of the order.
Teewant Store reserves the absolute right to accept or refuse any payment made in any form.
Teewant Store does not retain any details of your account, credit card, or debit card.

To fulfill an order, Teewant Store will demand the following info:

  • Customer’s email/phone number
  • Customer’s shipping address
  • Customer’s billing address

Teewant Store adheres to the highest industry standards to protect your personal information. Your credit card information and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (secure socket layer technology), which is widely used on the Internet for processing payments.
Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.

If you have any questions that are not on this FAQs page, please email us at [email protected]